Our philosophy

Cheval Alsace was founded in 2007 with values that are still very present today. Among these, you will find:



The passion for horseback riding, horses and nature is the main driving force of Cheval Alsace. It is a passion shared by all riders and collaborators which puts horses at the center of everything.



Respect for horses goes hand in hand with passion. It is essential for us that our horses are pampered and happy. To make it happen, our horses are spending most of their time in the meadow, in group and we do our best to meet their needs and respect their desires. They are the main members of Cheval Alsace family and that is why we have kept almost all the horses that have worked for us since the beginnings of Cheval Alsace: they now live a peaceful retirement in the mountains.



At Cheval Alsace, you will see that conviviality is a value that is important to us. You will always be well received there, by a pleasant team, guaranteeing you to have a good time.

These values have allowed Cheval Alsace to grow since 2007 and have made its good reputation. We care about them and guarantee that they will never be forgotten.